7 Tips to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

Did you know Google reviews are important for your online business success? Favourable reviews influence buying decisions of online customers. More positive reviews will enhance the reputation of your business and will translate into turning more visitors into genuine consumers. That is because more than 93% of consumers prefer to check reviews of a business and brands before making a purchase.

Why Google reviews matter for your business?

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Google has outpaced other review platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook, constituting 57.5% of reviews on the internet. Over 60% of consumers prefer to search reviews on Google. Moreover, positive reviews on Google My Business listing can increase your local search ranking and convert into more sales and success for your business. In other words, Google customer reviews and ratings are important for any business to thrive in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Businesses can get genuine Google reviews from customers by asking proactively.  You can send requests for reviews to enjoy higher ratings and feedback from actual consumers.

Before starting the Google review collection drive, you must remember the following things:

Claim your Google My Business Profile: The Google review collection drive won’t be successful without claiming your Google My Business profile first. Provide all the information regarding your business on Google My Business which will enable the review function to be utilised.

Stay compliant with Google review guidelines: Google prefers to show only authentic reviews to customers. There may be positive and negative reviews, all relevant reviews will provide valuable information to potential new customers. Stay compliant with review collection guidelines to maintain transparency and authenticity in reviews. Fake reviews are going to create problems for your business in the future.

Respond to reviews of customers: According to a study, 53% of customers expect a response from a business after leaving a review. Responding to the reviews, it may be negative or positive, help in changing the perception of customers. Not responding to reviews can lower the reputation of your brand immensely.

7 important tips to get Google reviews

Google reviews collection is not easy but, many strategies are helpful to gather genuine reviews from actual customers fast. These feedbacks would be helpful to improve your online presence and overall customer experiences. Here are 7 important tips useful to collect reviews fast:

  1. Design a personalized landing page for Google reviews

As reviews are important for your brands to thrive in online marketing, you can create a personalized landing page for visitors to share their experiences. Identify key points that you wish to add to drive customers on this page for a review. You can share this link page on social media profiles with reminders to share their feedback after a purchase. Moreover, you can integrate reputation management software, such as 5 stars reputation, forms, and surveys to gather reviews.

  1. Use Email

Email is one of the most effective customer feedback generation tools available online. Keep the message short and precise to entice customers on the Google review link. This would save customer’s time and be easy to leave feedback.

  1. Create a Google review link and button

The best way to entice customers to write a Google review is to send a Google review link and button. Attach this link to our social media profiles, printed receipts, and other handouts to be easy for customers to leave feedback.

  1. Craft a well-defined review pitch: Every business can collect reviews through its onsite staff and installing automated software. The manual review collection drive won’t be successful without crafting a well-defined review pitch. Craft the pitch in the following way:

“Your feedback is important to our business. Would you share your experience by giving a review on Google My Business profile? Send this request after customer a visit to your website.”

  1. Respond to customers: Over 53% of customers expect a response from business after giving their feedback. The sad thing is that only 36% of reviewers get a response from businesses. It is important to reply to both positive and negative feedback to change their opinions. After all, they wish to be appreciated for giving feedback.
  1. Happy customers leave reviews

The best way to get a 5-star rating is to make your customers happy and satisfied with services. Give your customer a wow moment with exceptional services.

But, the undeniable fact is that it is impossible to keep all customers happy. Negative reviews are bound to come. Instead of trying to erase their feedback reach out to address their issues immediately.

  1. Outsource Google review collection to experts

Google reviews do not come overnight. Moreover, it is not easy to collect genuine reviews without keeping an expert team for reputation management for your brand. Instead of spending money on recruiting a team, use automated software for the Google review collection drive. Outsourcing the project to experts help in getting Google reviews fast and at affordable prices.

Struggling to get Google reviews for your business?

Don’t worry, we can help your business to maintain its reputation and gather valuable reviews. 5 Stars Reputation is an experienced and professional company that helps businesses to gather Google reviews using different modes. Our experts analyse which model will deliver the best outcomes, and apply it to your business. Moreover, their automated software is easy to integrate and gather genuine reviews. Contact us to know more about our services.