4 Proven Ways To Ask Google Reviews For Your Small Business?

4 Proven Ways To Ask Google Reviews For Your Small Business?


Without a doubt, your Google My Business listing is one of the most valuable assets for your business. The GMB profile introduces your business to the market and it is where many customers begin their shopping journey. An attractive GMB profile convinces a prospect to visit your website and be a loyal customer.

In addition to that, you must have quality reviews to improve the visibility of GMB listing. But, many businesses struggle to get favourable Google reviews due to wrong strategies and approaches.

Are you too struggling to ask for Google reviews for your business? If yes, this guide would be helpful to find out 4 proven ways to collect feedback from customers and bolster your GMB.

Let us see the methods to ask for reviews and encourage customers to leave feedback:

  1. Educate your customers

You can’t ask for reviews from customers on Google if you don’t have Google My Business profile. Create a GMB profile and guide a customer to leave a review with a personalized ‘review us’ link. Put the review link on your website, email, or an in-store tablet, to be easy for customers to leave feedback. Moreover, it also helps in creating awareness and educating visitors about it.

  1. Request for reviews at key touchpoints

One of the best ways to get quality reviews from customers is to ask for it at the right time. There are key touchpoints where customers are more likely to offer a review, such as:

    • After receiving excellent service and experience
    • Post completing a service or receiving a product
    • While completing the customer lifecycle

These are the key moments when a customer is more favorable to the brand. Hence, these are the perfect time to ask for a review and get impactful feedback for your GMB.

  1. Be open and responsive to customers

Google My Business is an excellent place to engage people. The review platform enables a business to interact with customers transparently as their words matter for your brand. In other words, your GMB could be an open forum for many customers.

For a better outcome in the review collection, be open and responsive to customers. You must respond to online reviews fast and show your appreciation for their valuable feedback. Additionally, you must own mistakes and accept bad reviews from customers politely. Instead of showing your disappointment in a negative or aggressive way, you must respond politely and try to solve their issues fast.

  1. The smart way to ask for Google reviews

The ultimate way to get reviews is by automating the Google reviews collection process. The automated review collection drive would work 24/7 and bring quality feedback 24/7 on autopilot.

Our company, 5 Stars Reputation offers efficient and affordable ways to collect Google reviews on different modes. Feedback is collected through email, text message, and other modes to enjoy a better outcome. The software is easy to integrate and delivers fast results to businesses. We adopt the best practices as recommended by our experts to get quality ratings for your brand.

Bonus tip

Quality reviews are not easy to get and do not come overnight. So, many businesses often feel compelled to buy reviews from fake customers. Don’t buy reviews as it creates an adverse impact on your business later. Customers and Google can easily spot fake reviews and it violates their review collection guidelines. Google may suspend the GMB account if a business is found to have engaged in collecting fake reviews. Moreover, fake reviews bring a bad reputation to your brand and impact your online sale.

Want to get quality reviews for your small business?

5 Stars Reputation can help your business to get authentic reviews at affordable prices. Contact us to see the review collection plans suitable for your business now.